Bread with potatoes

I wanted to this bread for ages, but always there was something on my way. We always ate all potatoes or I could wait for them to boil and cool down. This time I made it. The bread is one of quite easy and not too much time consuming. You will get mild bread with small holes. It’s delicious and keep fresh for long time. Lately I bake all bread in cast iron pan, but if you don’t have one like this, you can try any pot with lid (but without plastic elements) or use any pan and put some dish with water at the bottom of the oven. Recipe by Liski.

Bread with potatoes

Bread with potatoes

Makes: Makes one loaf

  • 100 g mashed baked potatoes
  • 400 g strong white flour
  • 200-250 ml lukewarm water
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • 10 g fresh yeast (or 5 g instant yeast)
  • 3 Tbsp of olive oil

Place the yeast in a bowl.

Add sugar, 100 ml of lukewarm water and stir to combine.

Leave for 15 minutes to yeast to „start off”.

In a big bowl whisk together flour, salt and pressed potatoes, add the leaven and then the rest of water and olive oil.

Start kneading the dough adding the gradually the water. Amount of water vary on a flour type. Dough should be elastic, smooth, not sticky.

Put the dough to the lightly oiled bowl and leave to rise for one hour.

Form it into the ball and put into the floured basket or a bowl covered with floured tea towel. Leave it for 45-60 minutes.

Put the cast iron pan into the oven and heat it to 240C. Risen dough put into the heated pan. After 10 minutes lower the temperature to 210C and bake for next 15-25 minutes until the bread will be golden. Cool the baked bread on the cooling rack.

Bread with potatoes

5 thoughts on “Bread with potatoes

  1. Hi, it’s my first time here… but I am really interested in making this. Could you explain what are “pressed baked potatoes”? Thanks!


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