Pain de campange

There was a time when I was making bread because there was no good bakery around. Now there is no excuse, but I'm still drawn into the habit of making a mess in my kitchen by sprinkling it with flour and leaving traces of dough on the sink and kitchen counter. But in the end, … Continue reading Pain de campange


Pain de Provence

A colleague confessed that he doesn't bake because it isn't practical. I thought about it and he is right, but that is the very same reason why I love baking. Because baking isn't necessary, it doesn't feel like an obligation, it's more fun. Both cooking and baking are creative activities, but another reason why I choose baking is that you bake … Continue reading Pain de Provence


Baking bread is addictive. Every bread book says so. I don't know what it is about, but even though bread is fussy and doesn't always turn out as it should it's the most satisfying of all bakes. I bought lately a few cookbooks. Apparently, nature needs balance, so even if I restricted myself from buying … Continue reading Focaccia