The Liebster Blog Awards

Does the name of awards sound intriguing? For me for sure.
I was chosen by Colette from Cakes, bakes & other bits as one of her 5 Liebster Blog Award winners.
This is the first award to my blog. Thank you Colette. Colette always post really delicious, tested recipes. Just check her Baileys & Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb. She also blog about her travels – The Gardens at Strokestown Park House. I love the first photo.

This Award is about promoting smaller blogs with less than 200 followers, which you think deserves special recognition.
There are a few simple rules to follow.
In order to accept the award, the recipient will:

  • Thank the person who gave them the award, and link back to that person’s blog
  • Copy and Paste the Award to their blog
  • Choose 5 more blogs to award, and let the writers know by leaving a comment

Here are 5 blogs I would like to recommend you:

  • Monicakes, Monica comes from Sardinia and is a chocolate addict, but she sometimes bake cakes without chocolate 😉 She is one of my first friends here in Dublin. She is actually the one, who came with a name for my blog and she edited quite many of my posts. So I own her a lot. She has just started blogging so leave her nice comment.
  • Majology, I think I know Gosia from my previous blog… I think… I have a little bit too long blog life! But her photos are beautiful.
  • La cuochina sopraffina, Veru is another Italian based in Dublin. You can read delicious Italian recipes and some restaurants’ reviews.
  • Minibach, is a blog written by another my friend. Mette writes about movies. Sorry, no food this time 😉 If you like movies with cute guys, Mette will be perfect person to recommend you a good movie 😉
  • Cross my apple tart was already mentioned Rolling Pin Tales, but her posts just look too delicious not to mention her.

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