Cobblestone gingerbread cookies

Here it goes another recipe for gingerbread cookies. This one is more economical, there is only 100g of honey, but the structure is more traditional than Alpine gingerbread cookies. They are heavier and they are slightly quicker to make. The coffee icing makes them more special. My friend couldn't stop eating them. Enjoy! Cobblestone gingerbread … Continue reading Cobblestone gingerbread cookies

Polish Alpine gingerbread cookies (pierniczki jak alpejskie)

  I tell you a secret, I'm not a big fan of homemade Polish gingerbread cookies, they always were too dry for me, but the store-bought ones are a different story - soft and light, filled with jam, or not. This recipe really delivers, it promises light and easy gingerbread cookies, almost like the store-bought.  If … Continue reading Polish Alpine gingerbread cookies (pierniczki jak alpejskie)

Strawberries from the childhood

Whenever I think about summer months when I was a child I see big baskets of strawberries. At the beginning of a summer I would eat strawberries straight from a bush, but as the days went by my eagerness towards them would die out slowly. One of the reasons would be the abundance, they were brought over from an allotment every single day. My mom would encourage me … Continue reading Strawberries from the childhood