Chanterelle breakfast (toasts and scrambled eggs)

¬† How do you deal with stress? Pre-travel stress in particularly? I must admit I don't do too well ūüėČ So instead just relaxing and enjoying the most beautiful Indian¬†summer, I can feel how my muscles clench. It's ridiculous. I've been traveling enough to have an idea what to pack, how to pack and how … Continue reading Chanterelle breakfast (toasts and scrambled eggs)


Polish potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane)

Before I will show you more photos from Italy (it takes ages to decide which ones I like most), let's cook something Polish. You know I love potatoes, I could probably survive on a potato diet without any other damage then getting fat. Polish cuisine has plenty to offer when it comes to this humble veggie. So far I only presented to you Lazy dumplings, but it's just a start.