Puerto Princesa – the favourite place in Philippines

I’ve actually planned to skipped this post. It took me forever to go through the photos and thoughts from Philippines and Puerto Princesa wasn't the most important stop in our trip. But as I went through the photos I couldn't stop thinking that it was the place where I felt at ease. Puerto Princesa is a … Continue reading Puerto Princesa – the favourite place in Philippines



Edinburgh is a city of great expectation. In this way it's similar to Galway. If you mention to somebody "I'm going to Galway" you will hear they love the city, that it is a great craic and it's just fantastic. The same happens when it comes to Edinburgh, it seems to be a Galway's Scottish cousin. I … Continue reading Edinburgh


Have you ever been to Belfast? If your answer is no, then you should change it. It's beautiful and the food is delicious. For a quite long time, we put off our trip to Belfast in favour of visiting other places in Ireland. But last weekend was a perfect time to go somewhere and do … Continue reading Belfast