Leczo / Lecsó / Pepper and courgette stew

I could smell autumn in the air, and this year I felt excited. Like in days when I was still going to school and autumn meant new notebooks, pens, books and finally having my social life back. Summer has never been my season. Although there were years when it was charming with its lunches in the … Continue reading Leczo / Lecsó / Pepper and courgette stew


Carrot cake

I don't why writing is so hard. Anyway, they say to get better at something you need to start doing it. So, a carrot cake. I've baked it for a colleague's birthday. Last year, when my heart got broken into pieces, I've decided that even though sometimes life sucks, it's also wonderful. There are so many good … Continue reading Carrot cake

Go North!

Around a month ago we finally went North. Well we've been to Belfast and Mourne Mountains before, but by North I mean Norther Ireland further than Belfast. It was on our list forever, but you know how it goes. There are so many places to see and people to meet. So why should you visit Northern Ireland Giant's … Continue reading Go North!