Hazelnut millet porridge with dates

  Millet has been trending in Polish blogosphere for a while. Apparently it's one of the healthiest grains (although technically it's a seed). But I struggle with changing my habits. For an everyday breakfast I usually have muesli with milk or yogurt. But when I get myself organized I often have porridge. So millet porridge was … Continue reading Hazelnut millet porridge with dates


Strawberries from the childhood

Whenever I think about summer months when I was a child I see big baskets of strawberries. At the beginning of a summer I would eat strawberries straight from a bush, but as the days went by my eagerness towards them would die out slowly. One of the reasons would be the abundance, they were brought over from an allotment every single day. My mom would encourage me … Continue reading Strawberries from the childhood