Chanterelle breakfast (toasts and scrambled eggs)

¬† How do you deal with stress? Pre-travel stress in particularly? I must admit I don't do too well ūüėČ So instead just relaxing and enjoying the most beautiful Indian¬†summer, I can feel how my muscles clench. It's ridiculous. I've been traveling enough to have an idea what to pack, how to pack and how … Continue reading Chanterelle breakfast (toasts and scrambled eggs)


Earl grey herrings

I want to tell you this is another Polish food post. Well it is and it isn't.¬†Herrings are popular in Polish cuisine,¬†but Swedes are probably more known of them. These¬†are actually called Swedish style. So you know, finding the¬†origins of food is complicated. They are¬†Polish enough to be found in Polish shop around¬†Ireland. You can … Continue reading Earl grey herrings

Bruschetta with arugula pesto – Donna Hay Challenge

Here comes another¬†Donna Hay Challenge. And this time I was thinking. I didn't focus on changing position of a napkin (but I know I should), or trying to make perfect slices of mozzarella. I even didn't make my own pesto (shhh..., don't tell anybody) and all because of¬†Joanne. She wrote ¬†"How many more pictures of … Continue reading Bruschetta with arugula pesto – Donna Hay Challenge