24 hours in Copenhagen

Girl in Copenhagen

Usually when we go on a trip that requires getting on a plane we go for at least 3 days. This time we found a great deal and decided to visit Copenhagen for only 24 hours – we landed on Saturday at 3pm and departed on Sunday at 4pm.

Surprisingly it was less stressful than I imagine.

First of all if you travel somewhere for 24 hours only all the stress of packing goes away. You are going only for one day, so you only need like your wallet, toothbrush and Kindle and you are all ready to go.

Copenhagen - graffitti

Copenhagen is perfect city for a short break as the airport is well communicated with the city. It only takes 20 minutes to get to the centre by metro.

It helps if you have a friend where you are going to. We did. Not only we had the best guide, we didn’t lose any time staring at map and wondering where we are and where we should go. It was super effective and pleasant way of going around the city. Copenhagen

We didn’t have too much expectations, we didn’t tried to see it all. We just wanted to walk around and get the atmosphere of the city. We stopped to eat when we were hungry. No hurrying towards the bookings. We might missed the best lunch in Copenhagen, but we were less stressed and if we get a chance we come back to see it more in-depth.


Copenhagen is called the city of spires. I wonder if you guess why 😉

Copenhagen Børsen

The dragon spire was my favourite one. It looks like taken from a fairytale.

Copenhagen city of towers Copenhagen colourful buildings Copenhagen at night

We didn’t managed to eat too much, it was only 24 hours. Well except Danish pastries for breakfast. Luckily there are plenty of bakeries that are opened from early morning.  Danish pastries

I really wanted to try smørrebrød, but it must wait until next time. Instead we brought home proper, heavy rye bread that is really hard to find in Ireland.


We had a chance to compare Copenhagen during grey and sunny day. Yes, sunny is so much nicer.Copenhagen - violet

When we landed it started to snow and it was pretty chilly, but on Sunday we could definitely see that spring already starts to settle in. Copenhagen - Crocus Bloom Rosenborg Castle
Copenhagen - modern buildings Copenhagen, Royal Danish Playhouse - reflextion in the window

I would recommend you visit Copenhagen in warmer month, probably somewhere between May and September, but one of the advantages of going in March was lack of tourists. Nyhavn was the only super busy area. Tourists in Nyhavn, CopenhagenAfter 24 hours in Copenhagen I can say it’s really nice friendly city, with canals, lakes and parks. There is loads to see, especially if you are into food or design.  The architecture is so pretty that taking photos was a pleasure. If we get a chance we come back again.
Copenhagen - Frederik's Church Copenhagen - a woman with dachshund Søgade, Copenhagen Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

And finally a tiny bit of wisdom from a shop window.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


7 thoughts on “24 hours in Copenhagen

  1. I miss Copenhagen. It’s such a cute, pretty and eco-friendly city! And the Danes are SO BEAUTIFUL, I was astonished at their sense of style, athletic bodies and viking looks ahah. Everything was a bit too pricey for me but I still enjoyed it. xx



  2. Kocham Kopenhage!!! Milo jest ogladac ja przez pryzmat Twojego obiektywu 🙂 Wrocilam calkiem niedawno, gdyz Swieta Wielkanocne tym razem byly pod Kopenhaga wlasnie 🙂 A nastepny wyjazd juz zaplanowany na koniec sierpnia :))
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie Magdo!


    • Beo kochana, jak dobrze Cie widziec! 🙂 No my tez musimy wrocic do Kopenhagi, moze w jakims cieplejszym okresie, bo tylko ja liznelismy.
      Milego weekendu!


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