Polish Easter recipes

Easter is coming up very soon. We don’t have any plans yet. I don’t have a clue what I want to cook. I hope you are more organized than me, but if you are still looking for inspiration here is a list of Polish Easter dishes.


So let’s start with savory.

Żurek / Sour rye soup

That’s quite a staple. A staple that is not on a blog yet. I’m still looking for a perfect recipe.The best one is with a big chunks of cooked or fried Polish sausage called “white sausage” (most Polish sausages – kielbasas are smoked, so they are pink/brown colour, white sausage is actually not precooked, so technically they are very like Irish sausages, but the meat is chunkier and seasoning is different) and hard-boiled egg. For a moment you can try this sour rye soup recipe until I will find a perfect recipe.

Pasztet / Pate

vegan pate

Traditional one is made from meat. Try the traditional Polish pate recipe, I’ve made last year. But actually this vegan pate as good as the meaty one.


Bigos is a good option when you need to feed a lot of people, it stores well, actually, it gets better with each reheating. And if there is any left you can freeze it. Therefore you can see it plenty of different occasions.

Russian salad

russian salad

I’m biased towards the Russian salad, as I spend all Easters and Christmases eating almost exclusively this salad (and desserts of course). But again it’s a perfect dish to feed loads of people.


Easter eggs and a cat

This is not technically food. It’s more a technique of making your food pretty. The best outcome I’ve ever got with decorating Easter eggs was in a primary school using a technique, that includes melted wax and different dyes. I have good wax this year, so maybe I will try to do something prettier than last year…

Anyways, have a look at the board I created for you – some of the eggs are so beautiful.



Eggs probably should be moved to the first position on this list. There are many ways you can use eggs, especially if you went overboard with making too many pisanki. I usually go super simple and serve them with just mayonnaise and green onions.  You can stuff them too, or make egg salad, or tuna, egg and avocado spread.



viennese cheesecake

A cheesecake is suitable for any occasion, Easter is no different. You can pick any of those cheesecakes. My favourite one is the Viennese cheesecake.

Bundt cakes

lemon sour cake
We should be making Easter yeast babas, something like Italian Colomba, but I always prefered easier to prepare and more varied Bundt cakes. There are plenty options there to choose. If in doubt go with lemon one.


Mazurek - Easter tart with chocolate and prunes
Mazurek currently is just a tart decorated more elaborately. The chocolate and prune is simple option. I actually called it mazurek, so you are on safe side. But I’m sure you can get away with that lemon tart, or peanut butter tart. Just replace the word tart with mazurek.

Makowiec / Poppy seed cake

poppy seed strudel (makowiec) - Magda's Cauldron

For me makowiec is something I would make for Christmas, but I know some of you make it for Easter as well. Definitely it’s very pretty choice.



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