Competa and Frigiliana – the Spanish white villages

frigilliana and competa-6123

I knew I wanted to visit Frigiliana from the first time I’ve learnt about it. A small town with narrow, steep streets and white houses.


But many of Spanish towns look like this. We visited two – Frigiliana and Cómpeta.  They almost blurred into one, not because they were a like, just because of the whiteness of the walls.

frigilliana and competa

Frigiliana was the first one we visited. As it’s close by popular resort Nerja, it was quite busy. There are plenty of little shops where you can get souvenirs and nice cafes.


Cómpeta was less touristy as it’s further away from the sea. The town seemed quieter, but maybe it was because of siesta time. But looking at photos I took, you can mostly tell photos apart by time when they were taken.

frigilliana-and-competa-collage-4I’ve been amazed with mosaics and building details. I adore the style. There is something about colours and simplicity that really resonates with me.

Spanish white village mosaique

frigilliana and competa

Spanish white village details

frigilliana and competa-6119

frigilliana and competa

As usually in places like these we just walked around, had coffee and something to bite and look how everyday life goes.

frigilliana and competa-6092

frigilliana and competa-6138

frigilliana and competa-6124

frigilliana and competa-6133

If you look closely on the left side you will see a group of people. They were just having coffee and a chat.

Andalusian village

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