Short walk in Granada

Streets in GranadaAfter visiting Alhambra, we only had time to grab some late lunch and have a short walk in Granada before we needed to head back to our cave.


As often when I don’t plan our lunch was in some mediocre place, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I don’t how people manage to pick good places without a guide or TripAdvisor, but I don’t know to plan meals when we can never be sure when and where the hunger will hits us.


I won’t even pretend I can tell you anything about Granada. We were there for such a short while. It’s a definitely a city we should come back to as the first impression was really pleasing- narrow, uphill streets with tapas bars and little shops and signs of Arabic past.

Streets of Granada

Granada - buildings

As usual I was drawn more into hidden streets and details. I couldn’t stop looking for mosaics, they are so beautiful.

Granada - doors and balconiesThere was a bit of walking uphill. Luckily our friends have a lot of strenght, so walking with a buggy was doable for them, but I wouldn’t recommend. 
Street in Granada Granada buildings Granada buildings Granada-5866

Granada view over Alhambra

The reason why you want to get up is beautiful panoramic view over Alhambra and the city. 
Granada-5867 Granada-5868I hope one day we will come back and spend appropriate amount of time in Granada.

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