Avondale House and Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park

It’s easier to write about things and places that just happened. I know it’s risky, it may mean that I will never write about other places that wait in my queue, but at least a few won’t disappear in my computer archive.

So this Saturday we had another wonderful day. Yes, it rained on Friday, but Saturday was beautiful, a little bit chilly at first, but sunny and warm after all.

Avondale Forest Park

One of my colleagues recommended Avondale as a perfect spot for a pleasant day out. I’m so grateful for his recommendation. Somehow the name sounds similar to Avonlea from the book “Anne of Green Gables“.

The autumn light is beautiful and Avondale Forest is so charming that Tomek has asked me when I was taking a hundredth photo of tress if my readers haven’t seen a forest before.

Avondale Forest Park

Well, I’m sure you’ve seen a forest before, but there are times when it is more beautiful than usual, so I hope you will forgive me.

Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest is located in county Wicklow, just an hour from Dublin. The park has six different walking trails, that are well signed, we did a mashup of few of them.

Walking Trail

Avondale Forest Park

As usual I was stunned by the facilities, there was a picnic area with special metal racks for BBQs on tables and there was even a shoe cleaning facility! It is so thoughtful.

Shoes Cleaning Stand

View from Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park

View from Avondale Forest Park

The Avondale House isn’t as stunning as Powerscourt or even Killruddery House, but it’s an important place for the Irish history, as it was a birthplace of Charles Parnell.

avondale house-6247

I’ve found this house very cosy, you can easily imagine living there.

Avondale House

Butterfly in Avondale House
Avondale House

As a proper Irish establishment it wouldn’t be appropriate if there was no cafe around. So you can either organize your own picnic, or grab something in the cafe. As you see we followed the second option this time. avondale house lunch

On our way home, we wanted to go for a short beach walk. As we were driving we notice a sign. The road was very narrow, the grass was growing the middle. If there was a car going from the opposite direction, you just needed to stop on the side of the road and give way to it.

The area is called Five Mile Point and there is a house, the railway crossing, and the beach. The road is actually actually a dead end. Have a look on StreetView. I wonder how is it to live in such a place.

On one side you have a view over Wicklow Mountains.
Ireland View

On the other the sea and the view over Dunbur Head.
avondale house-6315

Helpful information

Avondale House and Forest Park – website

The house is opened between Easter and the end of October.
The parking is paid (€5) and be prepared to have coins. Otherwise, you can leave your car at the side of a road.
The house tour has separate fee.
You can get a map of walk trails on the Coillte site.

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