From Baza to Nerja, our first visit in Spain

White buildings in Nevada, Spain

Our cats’ and this blog’s birthday fall around the same week, a week we usually spend away. Last year we went to Edinburgh, this year we went to Spain. We don’t plan it this way, it just happens.

We were traveling with two of our friends and their 10 month baby, so we haven’t had too intensive plans.

cueva-5604The information that gets the most surprise (except the fact we did have decided to travel with a baby) is that we lived in a cave. Yes, a cave. I know what you are thinking, I thought that too when I heard it for the first time, but caves are actually pretty cool place to live in. They are cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold. They are just like normal houses with smaller windows and painted inside out white (at least our was).  The interior was supercute and it was far away from being damp, cold or depressing. You will find plenty of them around Guadix and northern part of Sierra Nevada.

Living in a cave in Baza, Spain
Living in a cave in Baza, Spain

Our plan was simple. We stayed in our cave outside of Baza for 3 nights, then we drove through Sierra Nevada to spend 4 nights in Nerja by the seaside. The road through the mountains is pretty winding, so it takes forever to get through them, but the views are amazing.

Mountain view in Sierra Nevada, Spain

The road we took climbed as high as 2000m.

Sierra Nevada - Puerto de la Ragua

There is a mountain shelter, but unfortunately it was closed 😦 As you can see from Tomek’s face it was pretty chilly. Mountains usually overwhelm me and if I have choice I’ll pick sea over them, but it’s been a while since we were hiking and smell of forest and fresh air made me want to visit Polish mountains (they have advantage over Irish ones that in most cases you have a shelter with warm food waiting for you).

Sierra Nevada - Puerto de la Ragua

We stopped in Válor, quiet, little town.

Nevada and Spanish tileDuring whole trip I was fascinated by the Spanish tiles. The colours and patterns are so beautiful.
horse in a tiny street Nevada
Válor, Spain
Nevada and Spanish tile
White buildings in Válor, Spain
View from Válor, Spain

After a long drive we finally reached Nerja. I was afraid we will stay in one of those faceless resorts, but actually we lived in an area developed as an adorable village, full of small streets, little gardens and as it was the end of the season, it was pretty quiet. Perfect for lazy holidays.

Nerja, seasideNerja, seaside

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