Wandering around Paris

Paris - beautiful apartment building

There are cities that I’ve visited traditionally. I bought a travel guide, I browsed TripAdvisor, I checked photos and than I did proper sightseeing. But Paris is not one of them.

I’ve visited Paris for the first time in January 2011. It was cold, but sunny. I didn’t have to worry about anything because Tomek spent a few months there visiting his aunt.

Paris - beautiful apartment building

Knowing you have a friend or family in certain place makes sightseeing more laid back. There is no rush, as you know you will go back.

Last month we’ve visited Paris for the third time. Again I didn’t need to plan anything. Paris is the city where I’m taken care of. There is always so much to do, see and eat, there is no option to be bored.

Paris - beautiful apartment building

Everyday life details

Things that excite me most about Paris are the tiny things like peek into everyday life. So I listen to noises through a balcony in a tiny kitchen that reminds me Rachel’s Khoo kitchen. It’s exactly how I’ve imagined, it’s like in the movies!

Every time we walk out the building I think wow, that’s definitely Paris.

Paris - beautiful apartment building, interior details

Can you imagine in living in an apartment building that looks as beautiful as this one?


Visit to any location wouldn’t be full if we haven’t visited a market. The abundance of produce! Only then I realise that living in Ireland I’ve almost forgotten that salad can be sold without a plastic cover. As you see everything comes without plastic!

Paris - market


I stop to stare at every patisserie we pass by just to admire sweets. Every display window looks like a jewelry workshop rather than a bakery. There is such a attention to details.

Paris - Patisserie


In Dublin you don’t smell fresh bread on the street. In Paris at every corner there is boulangerie. That’s definitely my type of country. I think everybody should have easy access to a good bread in their neighborhoods! A bread packed in plastic is not a good bread. And yes, cliche of Parisians walking with a baguettes is true, they do wear a lot of stripes as well.Paris - boulangerie


I love observing people. Cafes are the best place for it. Metro is not bad as well.

Paris - cafe


Building facades fascinate me. The light in Paris seems to be different. 
Paris - beautiful apartment building Paris - beautiful apartment buildingYou need to look into every corner, as you can find a little gems like this.

Paris - romantic buildingI wish I could visit all the cities in such a casual way.



4 thoughts on “Wandering around Paris

  1. You have an amazing ability to notice little details! I just “absorb” cities as a whole picture – i miss the smaller things.


    • Hi Amielia,
      I usually absorb cities by bits, there is a feeling and atmosphere but this is so hard to capture or describe that I focus on little details 🙂


  2. Paris is one of my favourite cities especially at Christmas, which I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. You’re right it is so much easier when you have a friend who lives there, my friend is from Hamburg and everytime we go and see her it’s so relaxed exploring it.


    • I haven’t been to Paris before Christmas, I must try it. So far it was summer, early autumn and winter. All of that were lovely.


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