Provins, lovely little town outside Paris

Provins view over townProvins is a little town just an hour away by train from Paris. It’s been on UNESCO World Heritage List, because its architecture and city structure is very much the same as it was in Medieval times.

When we visited Tomek’s family in Paris, they already knew I enjoy more quiet little streets, parks where you can wander and such than big city chaos. So on Bastille Day instead of heading off to  the parade we took a train and went to Provins.

Provins - view over the city

The town is exactly the way I like it. Quiet little streets, cute shops, relaxing cafes with good food, old buildings. It’s just perfect day out.

There are a few main places you should see.

The Caesar’s Tower, it’s worth it to climb up to get this beautiful view over the town.

Provins - view over the city from Town of Medieval Fairs
The city walls. They are massive. You can walk up on them in some parts, you can go around them.

Provins City walls
The Underground Galleries – really cool, really dark, and available only with a guided tour, that’s unfortunately only available in French.
The Tithe Barn is a former merchant house. The building is really beautiful. Inside there are areas dedicated to different merchants. You walk around audiobook with and listen to their stories. I found it a little bit boring as the whole narrative is for around 35 minutes and there is nothing other to do than stand and look into those scenes. It would be nicer if the exhibition was at least a little bit more interactive.

Provins - beautiful house

After the obligatory part we just wandered around the town. It doesn’t seem big, but it isn’t small either. We didn’t manage to see every street and corner. I could happily stay there a day or two more.

Provins - lovely green

The weather was playing tricks on us. We’ve managed to avoid rain, but we got everything from a dark grey sky to beautiful sunshine.

Provins - one of cute off beaten track streets

It’s not all small houses covered with ivy, there are more impressive streets and buildings like this city hall.

Provins - City Hall

I’m obsessed with windows. There is something about them…

Provins - window with potted flowers

Provins - window with potted flowers

Mirrors are not bad too

Provins - even traffic mirrors are cuteAnd lamps

Provins - blue wood, lamp and windows

Provins - a shop

Provins - one of cute corners

I love to look at people who eat, talk, travel.

Provins cafe And of course we try to find local cats wherever we go. They look very chilled out.

Provins - view over the city from Town of Medieval Fairs
Provins - one of cute streetsUseful links:

Provins’ website


8 thoughts on “Provins, lovely little town outside Paris

    • Hi Flick,
      Thank you for stopping by. I can’t tell if that’s the epitome of rural France, because that’s the furthest I got from Paris. I hope I get a chance to travel more. But I hope the rest of France looks similar 🙂


    • Please don’t use my photos in your articles. If you want to use it contact me via email and describe the purpose and context of use and we will take it from there


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