Green onion salad

Polish cuisine isn’t overly complicated, I think… Therefore I often end up with something that is barely a recipe, like this green onion salad. We have a special word for salads made from raw fruits and veggies – surówka, that’s just to make up for it’s simplicity I guessIt’s a type of salad that is usually very simple, sometimes just one vegetable and some dressing. It goes well as a side dish, for example with a typical Polish dinner that consists usually from meat and potatoes.

This simple salad means summer to me, even though technically I could eat it during winter, as you can grow green onions in a pot, but I guess I was saving them for special occasion, when in summer there is loads of green onions, and they have fabulous sharp flavour, and when it’s hot, you don’t really want to spend a lot of time making a salad. It goes beautifully with new potatoes. You could use it as a sandwich topping as well, or as Lucy pointed out, it would go brilliantly with barbecued meat.

Green onion salad

Makes: Makes 2 small sides

Green onion salad

Feel free to substitutecrème fraîche with sour cream, or any thick cream

  • 1 bunch of green onions, chopped
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a few tablespoons of crème fraîche
Place the green onions in a bowl.
Season it with salt and pepper.
Add a tablespoon of thecrème fraîche and stir it. Add enough of cream to cover the green onions nicely but they shouldn’t flow in the cream.

I’ve added this little recipe to Lucy’s movement Cook Blog Share, which is about spreading some love to brilliant blogs that around us. Feel free to join us!green onion salad


6 thoughts on “Green onion salad

  1. I love spring onions and always put them in my potato salads but I’d never thought of giving them the limelight!
    This sounds like it would be fantastic in a burger or wrap – I must try it!!


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