The cities I lived in – Szczecin

When I posted on Facebook a status update “Szczecin za tydzień” a few of my coworkers asked if a cat ran over my keyboard. He didn’t, it’s just means for “Next week Szczecin“. You probably haven’t heard about Szczecin, it’s not the most popular city in Poland, although it is 7th largest city in Poland.
Szczecin Summer Theatre

I studied there, it was the first big city I moved to, the first place where I felt like an adult, doing adult things like my own shopping and cooking. It was nice to see the city again after a few years. We had very little time, so I didn’t managed to see all the places that once were important part of my everyday life. Instead we wandered around the beautiful park admiring Polish autumn and spending time with my university friends. Park in Szczecin

Park in Szczecin

Szczecin Eagle Sculpture

That’s the only place I managed to check on was bar mleczny Turysta, literally a milk bar “The Tourist”. Milk bars are type of cafeterias, that offer cheap, home-made type of food with a lot of milk based dishes. In this bar there was always enormous queue, but the food was nice and cheap. The only problem was that I lived quite far away from where I lived.

Szczecin Milk Bar - Tourist

Unfortunately the milk bar was closed, otherwise I would order my favourites – crepes with sweet curd cheese filling with sprinkled with sugar and sweet cream.

Szczecin Milk Bar Menu

Szczecin was heavily destroyed during II World War, so not all areas are stunning, but I always find it pretty. There are many buildings with beautiful facades. When you look at it from the sky, you see it was planned around roundabouts and therefore it’s a little bit similar to Paris.

Szczecin restaurant
Szczecin Wooden Door
Szczecin old school sign

Szczecin Shop WindowSzczecinIf you ever go to Szczecin, give me a shout and I will share my recommendations with you.


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