This is where I come from

Wałcz - view over the gate into a lake

This will be a sentimental post. I will take you on a tour around my hometown Wałcz. It’s a small town in northwestern Poland in a lake district. It’s a pretty, quiet town where nothing happens. The photo above is a view from a tiny hill almost opposite to my home. Today it seems tiny, but it was huge when I was little. The hill was first socialisation area for me, I would meet there with friends and play. The gate hasn’t change since I remember. The unplastered walls you can see were used as a blackboard when we played school. If you look closely you can see my writing from over 20 years ago.

Wałcz - Church and lake

This is the lake Zamkowe. I could see it from my kitchen window. I love water, even though I’m scared of it. I always argue with Tomek and anybody else that you can’t be bored with water like sea, lake or river. Everyday it looks different, it’s never boring. Next to a church is my primary school, I was lucky as it was only 5 minute walk. Wałcz - Lake Zamkowe

I always struggle with taking photos when I’m at home as for me most of the lake looks very plain, almost boring as on the photo above.

Wałcz - house and treesThese are important trees. They were used as a scenography for other play games like home. Each of us had one room, there was a bathroom as well and living room. We made toys out of plants growing on the hill and colour paper. The little hill was also used as a sliding track in the winter. I’ve never like sliding probably because my sleight were old and hard to steer, or maybe because I’m a coward.

Wałcz - ducks and lake Zamkowe

Ducks and swans have been always a part of the lake. A cat on a bridge

And this cat was observing for some ducks, later we found another cat queuing for his chance to watch ducks. A circle of life. Wałcz - Lake Zamkowe

Another plain shoreline, but the sky is beautiful. It’s never boring. Zombie sign

It is just a word that caught my eye on one of the benches, but it actually turned into a prophecy. The night we came back to Dublin there were plenty of zombies on streets, although they looked happy and were having good time, but how the bench in Wałcz could know that? Wałcz - street lamp

Now we need to cross the street and go around the second lake. Yes, there are two lakes in the town. This one is more sporty as there is an olympic preparation sport centre, mostly canoers and rowers practise there. The informal name for the area is “Bukowina” it refers to beech wood that surrounds the lake . Wałcz - Lake Raduń

It’s a lovely walk. We were so lucky, the weather was gorgeous, around 18C and sunny. The trees looked like they were on fire, with all those yellows, oranges and reds.

Wałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn

I’ve walked there so many times, with friends, with parents, family, boyfriends… I was there in spring when the ground is all white from tiny snowdrops or violet from violets. I was walking there in the summer, when it’s nice and fresh and full of mosquitos. You can see the autumn yourself. In winter it’s beautiful as well when the lake is all frozen, you can only see anglers on the ice trying to get a fish. It’s so quiet then.

I was also forced to run there during PE classes. Sports have never been my strong point. Wałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn, tree avenueWałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn
Wałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn
Autumn leavesWałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn, tree avenue

Wałcz - Lake Raduń in autumn, suspended bridge over the lakeApparently that’s the only suspension lake bridge in Poland. It’s a landmark. It swings when you are not walking evenly through it. It used to make me sick, my dog used to refused to cross it.

And at the very end of our trip there is a small beach and cafe where you can order coffee or ice-cream. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

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