A first day in Italy

I wanted to welcome you in my new space. I hope you will like it. I will keep updating the template, but hopefully it won’t affect you. If something is not working just give me a shout.

The reason why it was so quiet around here was we’ve done a bit traveling. First Tomek’s parents were visiting and we went to Sligo and then we headed off for holidays to Italy. So far Italy is my favorite country in the world. I love the landscape, language, people, food. I wish I could move there, but for now I need to survive with short visits like this one.

Bergamo Hostel

We visited Tuscany this time and we saw so many beautiful places. I have a ton of photos, not always they are as beautiful as my memories, but hopefully you will be able to see and admire some of the views.

The view from Cita Alta, Bergamo

We spent first night in a beautiful B&B in Bergamo. The rooms were filled with books and it was kind of apartment with a soul where you just want to move into. As we were catching train to Florence at 11 o’clock we had only less than 2 hours to go and visit Citta Alta.

2-Italia 20131

Yes, we needed almost to run to see it but it was so worth it. As the name says is self, it’s a city at the top of the hill. There are loads of small, cute streets where you can wonder around and be just amazed. If you ever get a chance to visit try to visit it early in the morning, it is so quiet. And please don’t be deceived by Bergamo’s fame for being only one of the Milan’s airport, it’s truly lovely city and I wish we could spend more time over there.

1-Italia 2013

A few hours later we were in Florence. My favorite Italian city (so far ;)). I’ve been there only for 2 days 5 years ago, but it is one of the cities that has a magic. I love its energy, there are real people going here and there, beautiful shops (why I haven’t done shopping there?!). I wish we had more than 2 hours to walk around.

Florence, Duomo

7 thoughts on “A first day in Italy

    • Thank you Adrienne, there is still a lot of to do, but first I need to finally finish going through the holiday photos. I’m almost there 🙂


    • Małe miasteczka są urocze to fakt Beo, ale jednak ciężko sobie wyobrazić codzienne życie w nich, już chyba wolałabym mieszkać na farmie.


      • Alez oczywiscie; jednak gdybym miala do wyboru na stale duuuze miasto lub malutkie miasteczko, to wybieram to drugie; a najlepiej wlasnie farma obok malego miasteczka 🙂


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