Traveling around Ireland

A few weeks ago Tomek’s brother and his wife visited us. As much as I like Dublin I think the real Ireland is outside of it. We managed to go for a short weekend away. This time we drove to area around the Waterford. We were lucky to have a nice weather for a day. The next day was so foggy, that we couldn’t see the sea even though we drove along the costal road and next week it was snowing.
But looking at the photos you will probably agree, doesn’t matter what weather there is Ireland is charming.
PS. I still wouldn’t mind some warm weather.


Castle in Lismore, Waterford


Wicklow Mountains


Tintern Abbey (County Wexford) Ireland

Tintern Abbey (County Wexford) Ireland



Glendalough, Ireland


Wicklow Mountains


11 thoughts on “Traveling around Ireland

    • Thank you Paula. There are not too many big cities in Ireland. Galway is third biggest city in Ireland with population only 70k. But yes, outside of cities is much nicer 🙂


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