Happy Easter!

Anybody who knows me will say, that I am a good girl, but even good girls from time to time need their time to rebel. There is cleaning/preparing madness going on around Christmas or Easter time in Polish houses. Windows needed to be cleaned, clothes in a wardrobe rearranged, all dishes, even unused for aged, that were hidden deep in a cupboard needed to be cleaned. At some point I started saying “no”. One needs to have priorities. There are some things that need to be done, and some of them that can wait.

I am still the rebel girl. Now even a rebel blogger. I know I should post recipes a few weeks before Easter to make sure that if you need them, they will be there, but I didn’t. As usual I prepare everything at the very last moment. I skip traditional recipes, I didn’t decorate eggs and other things I should, but I don’t regret that 😉 I also didn’t prepared a post about Polish Easter traditions. There are quite many of them, maybe that was something that discouraged me. There are Mass of Resurrection, blessed Easter basket (święconka), Easter decorated eggs, Easter breakfast, where we share świeconka and eat wide variety of cold meats, eggs, salads and also a sour rye soup (żurek) and don’t forget about the dessert. For dessert there are sweet yeast cake (babka), pascha (it’s made from curd cheese, eggs and butter), mazurek (it’s a cake made with a thin base, like wafer, thin yeast dough or shortcrust decorated with sweet filling and raisins, dried fruits, nuts or almonds) and good cheesecake. Ufff and that is only a breakfast. Don’t ask me about a dinner!

And Easter Monday is known as the Wet Monday, but that is another story.

On photo below you can see mazurek, untraditional Snickers cheesecake and eggs coloured with onion skins. I have a few other treats as we are having guests on Sunday.

I want to wish you happy Easter, I hope you will find time to relax and spend time with people you care about.

wesolych swiat-3148A

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    • Thank you Julie and happy Easter to you too, the eggs are actually coloured with onion skins and the cheesecake is evil. It is hard to resist a cheesecake, but cheesecake with snickers in it, it is twice as difficult!


  1. Happy Easter to you, too! I like that rebel in you. Somehow, I don’t feel that guilty, anymore. Lovely cakes. I would love to see the close-up shot of that ‘mazurek’… next Easter, perhaps?


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