Artichoke and feta tarts – Donna Hay Challenge

I don’t have a story for you. The spring overwhelm me. I have photos waiting to be looked through, I have hundreds ideas for recipes to show. But you know…

And it is another Donna Hay Challenge, and I write this post on a very last day.

The recipe comes from the most recent Donna Hay magazine nr. 61. The photography is by William Meppem and Styling by Steve Pearce. You can find all the rules for the challenge on the Simone’s DHSPC page.

So no story today, no complaining about peas that were not green enough. Just enjoy spring. This is perfect recipe for spring and busy days. You don’t need to do much and you have delicious, healthy snack.

artichoke and feta tarts - donna hay challenge

Artichoke and feta tarts

  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 250 g feta, crumbled
  • 4 artichoke hearts, marinated and halved
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten (or milk – you need it to brush the pastry borders)
  • 100 g mixed cherry tomatoes,  halved
  • 120 g frozen peas, thawed (or canned peas)
  • 1/4 cup mint leaves olive oil
  • white balsamic vinegar (or white cider vinegar)

Preheat oven to 200 C.
Cut the pastry into around 9-cm squares and score a 1-cm border around each square.
Place the square on a baking tray lined with non stick baking paper and top with feta and artichoke. Brush the pastry borders with the egg (or milk) and bake for 12-14 minutes or until golden
Place the tomato, peas and mint in a medium bowl, drizzle with the olive oil and white balsamic and toss to combine.
Top the tarts with the tomatoes salad to serve. Serves 4


2 thoughts on “Artichoke and feta tarts – Donna Hay Challenge

  1. O haha, don’t we all have that problem that time just flies away from us? So happy you did manage to make it Magda and it looks pretty darn good! I do love this recipe and will definitely be making this again (and again and again)! Thanks for participating!


    • I don’t know where time is flying, but for sure it flies away! It’s perfect recipe for any variations. It will be easy treat for any party when you need a quick snack 🙂


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